Team Building Construction System
Stimulating - Involving - Memorable - Fun
Phunzone offers a unique large-scale construction system for team-building exercises to develop creative problem solving, communication, collaboration and leadership skills.
  • Can be used across all job functions, ages, gender and cutures;
  • High quality, durable components for many years of use;
  • Variety of parts to make unlimited designs;
  • Ability to make a range of construction exercises from simple to very complex;
  • Mini-scale components to create beta models or prototypes;
  • CAD-CAM program to create computer generated designs for construction;
  • Can be set up virtually anywhere - use indoors or out - portable;
  • Can be used by team members with physical disabilities;
  • Several pre-packed kits to chose from or order parts a-la-carte.

Sample exercises - Customize training exercises to meet specific development needs

  • Build large scale design from mini-prototype;
  • Design and build for a specific function or with specific features;
  • Construct the maximum number of pre-set structures within a fixed time frame;
  • Build structures using no sight - only verbal communication;
  • Individuals/teams create sub-components - group assembles complete unit;
  • Build structures using only visual communication.
Sample Game
3-D Program