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If I could only buy my child one toy - it would be Quadro. You can do so many different things with it, it challenges the brain as well as muscles.

The best toy I have ever bought is a building kit called Quadro. We bought it for my son 7 years ago and have since added to it. It can be built into all sorts of different designs like climbing frames, cars, slides even tables and chairs. It is extremely strong in fact on the box it shows an elephant standing on it. It comes with a mini version of itself, so you can make your designs in the house, before going out to build the real thing. My children and their friends have had loads of fun with it, and are still enjoying playing with it 7 years on. There aren't many toys that can claim to keep them entertained for that long.

LOVE IT! What a great toy! We have a semi-permanent playground in our living room. My boys play on and under it constantly. It is their fort, puppet show and playground all in one. They walk up one slide and go down the other. We are still really looking forward to getting a lodge kit. Any news on that one? I suspect we will be adding a few other accessories in the future. We look forward to "lemonade stand" weather. I haven't taken any great pictures yet - I'm too busy building.

I just wanted to know it was a pleasure doing business with your company. I appreciated your knowledge about the Quadro product. You were genuinely interested in my experience with Quadro and I felt like I was talking to an old friend.

I own several Quadro kits and accessories. They are used by my 3 year old daughter and 7 year old son. I have created a huge playset in my basement for my kids. My son is severely autistic and non-verbal. Due to the severity of his disability we are not able to take him to public playgrounds. My son has very limited interests, however, he does enjoy his Quadro.

Thank you for carrying the Quadro product. I would definitely recommend it to others - it is a very durable product with many uses. There aren’t many products that can grow with your child like Quadro.

I currently live in Switzerland and have had Quadro for years. I am ordering Quadro from you for relatives in Hamilton, Bermuda because I cannot think of a better gift to give a family with young children

Our house burned down recently and Quadro was one of the first things we replaced. We would not want to go through a Kansas winter without it! We are grateful to Phunzone for carrying this wonderful product and for their wonderful customer service.

The Quadro we bought for our daughter’s birthday was an immediate hit. We set it up for here (as a playhouse) for the birthday party and the children “swarmed” over it non-stop during the festivities. Every child who comes over to play immediately gravitates to it. We have had it set up in our living room and in the yard. We have re-c0nfigured it 6 or 7 ways in the four months we have owned it. Our daughter even thinks it’s fun to help take it apart and put it back together again.

Quadro is one of the best kids toys - ever. Thanks!

Our family has had Quadro for 14years, and it is a great product, withstanding the wear and tear of 7 children.
I do need to replace some tubes and one connector. Can you give me the name of a supplier in Australia.

My parents gave our sons a set of Quadro building pieces about 18 to 20 years ago. The instructions indicate a copyright of 1983.
I now have a 2 year old nephew to whom I would like to pass the playset. Just need to replace a few of the missing pieces - thanks for your help.

Cannot say enough about Quadro - we ordered it all the way from Germany until we found you here in the USA. For the past few years my kids have created new designs every few weeks - they never get bored. Quadro is the best product that combines creativity, mind challenge, physical development and just plain fun.

We just keep adding parts and building more complex Quadro designs - so glad to know that we can get parts shipped out in 24 hours

We do not have a Quadro dealer in Malaysia. Thank you for shipping our Quadro kit

Parts, Parts, Parts - we can always use more Quadro parts. Thanks for sending those badly needed 5 and 6 way connectors. We’ll be ordering more.

My company uses Quadro in our adult leadership training course. Participants have to create a design to meet a specific task and then create a structure from a specific number of Quadro parts.
It’s a real creative and mental challenge. Quadro fits our needs perfectly

Our two year old twin girls just love Quadro - they are in and out of their playhouse constantly. Grandmother Vivi bought them a Junior kit for their birthday - more options. This summer we are adding a slide and converting our Quadro into a play platform with slide for the back yard.

I teach 2-5 year olds with disabilities. The original Junior Quadro set I ordered shipped directly from Germany over 9 years ago. I now have the Junior, Universal, Slide and Textile sets for my preschool class. It's difficult where to begin listing the benefits of Quadro - from the fine and gross motors skills training to the infinite variety of structures which can be created. We build something new every 2-4 weeks to follow the themes we teach-a school bus, apple barn, castle, zoo, sleigh, circus ring, etc. The children love it!
After so many years of positive experiences, it's hard to consider my classroom without Quadro.
I'm glad to hear it's easily available here in the USA.

I'm in the entertainment business, and often need to build sets and props that are lightweight, strong, adaptable and reusable. I love how Quadro does all that. I've made one cart that is so tough, that I can take the abuse of the airplane baggage handlers when I fly it. There are so many possibilities with the cleverly designed pieces that you can build almost anything you can think of. A few times, the pieces weren't quite the right length, but if you have a saw and a drill , you can even cut them to fulfill exacting specifications. The stuff lasts and lasts, too. It's a pleasure to work with something who's materials and design are so well engineered. Have had Quadro for about 15 years.

Over the weekend, we dug out the Quadro for the first time this year. For those of you who are not familiar with this product, it's various kits of colorful, tough, modular, pieces of plastic than can be used to create many different play structures.
We originally bought a family kit for Duncan for a Christmas present when he was three. So there we were on Christmas Eve 2001, late in the evening after Duncan had gone to bed, putting this large play structure together so that he's be able to play with it the following morning. We started building it in our bedroom, then found we had to take it apart a bit to get it outside. We finished putting it together about midnight (on a really cold night). Two very fed-up parents swearing that they'd never buy something like this again. But it was all worth it. Duncan absolutely loved it the next day.

It took us a while to build it that first time, because it was a learning experience. Now that we've done it several times, it's easy. What's even better is that Duncan is now old enough to help us and can advice us on how he wants it put together. Another great selling point is they also include a mini-kit of all the actual pieces, so you can plan what you want to build then generate a model of it. When you've got what you like, you start to put it together with the full-size kit. Looks like they also have a 3-D Windows based CAD package for doing the same thing now.