Compact home and backyard playground equipment for kids, tots, toddlers bedroom, family room, play room, garage

Playgrounds for apartments, playrooms, bedrooms, bonus rooms, rec rooms, basements, and backyards.

What is the difference between Residential and Commercial play structures?
Construction Kits, Residential structures and Commercial structures all use the same high quality components. The difference is that commercial structures adhere to more stringent safety construction standards required by ASTM. The commercial structures require higher barriers around the platforms as well as well as more full steps to access platforms.

We will not knowingly sell “residential” structures to “commercial” clients, but home customers are welcome to purchase commercial structures

What are the play structures made of?
The components are made of quality engineered, impact absorbing, UV-stabilized thermoplastic tubes, connectors and panels. The rigid components “lock” together to make a variety of structures to support the weight of pre-school age children playing (and adults to clean and maintain). The benefit of plastic components is that they have a high strength, without the weight of metal. In addition the plastic does not rust or corrode like metal or splinter like wood.

If, by chance a component is damaged, it can be simply and very inexpensively replaced. There is no “critical” failure that requires the whole system to be discarded.

How long does the product last?
After almost 40 years in production, there are original structures still in use today. With proper care and maintenance, there is no real time limit as to how long the components will continue to function. There is an indefinite “shelf-life” if cared for properly..

How does the construction system work?
Components are easily assembled in hundreds of possible ways and then safely secured with special locking screws. The more pieces you have, the larger the designs that can be created. Additional accessories include slides, wheels, fabric roofs, netting.

Why is our system a great investment for your family?
Our product is designed to last a lifetime when used as directed. Since it’s introduction in 1978, there have been many thousands of families who have played for years with the construction system and then passed on to the next generation.

For all children, it’s is a great way to help kids develop gross and fine motor skills as well as social play interaction.

Our structures are for what age group?
Our play systems are designed to “grow” with all children starting with infants. As the children get older, the way the components are simply re-assembled or adapted to meet the new demands for age-appropriate learning or play activities. All the Residential Playcenters meet USA safety stadards for children ages 5 and under.

Who can build our play structures?
Larger residential playground structures should be assembled by responsible adults or teenagers. As improper assembly can create hazards, small children should only “assist” in the assembly.

How many models can be created from a singe residential playcenter?
These are “single” design playcenters – unlike the kits which are designed so you can build multiple models. Customers only receive instructions for one model. These are proprietary designs and instructions are not published on-line or sent electronically. The Residential Playcenter designs all meet ASTM safety standards. Changes to the structure can be made by the customer, but then the structure may no longer meet ASTM safety standards

Is the Quadro product safe?
The Quadro modular construction system has been sold around the world for almost 40 years without any mishap attributable to the product. The components are extremely strong and rugged, have no sharp corners, have no protruding screws or bolts. Construction guidelines must be followed correctly and smaller children at play should be supervised at all times. Our product should only be used for purposes it was intended.

The product contain no toxic materials, no PVC or phthalates

What safety standards do the Residential Playcenters meet?
Phunzone’s “residential playcenter ” designs conform to ASTM residential playground safety standards.

While portability is a key benefit, it most important that structures are stable or are firmly anchored to the floor or in the ground.

Phunzone’s plays tructures have a very low center of gravity. That ensures the structures do not move, tip or in any way endanger the children while in use. Therefore, there is generally no need for anchoring. If anchoring is desired, we do offer options for both indoor and outdoor anchoring.

Indoors or Outdoors?
Our construction system can be safely used either indoors/outdoors & summer/winter. Due to the long term effects of UV rays, we do not recommend extended exposure to sunlight - shaded areas are best.

Is there Color Fading?
The components are made from thermoplastic which contain UV inhibitors however, exposure of the tubes and panels to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time will eventually begin the fading process. The fabric accessories are not UV treated and will fade more quickly in sunlight. If the structures are used indoors, direct sunlight through windows could have the same effect as being outside. Even if there is eventually some fading, it will not affect the quality or durability of the components.

Special Needs Kids?
Our structures can be safely adapted for use by kids with special needs. Sight-impaired kids also find our play structures a good way to have fun and be creative. See the Commercial Playcenters.

How strong are the structures and components?
Our play structures are primarily designed for safe use by children up to about 110 lbs for “active play”. However, for cleaning, maintenance, etc structures can easily accommodate an adult of average weight.

They are “not”designed for rough or active play by older children!!

How do your buy the product?
The construction kits, residential and commercial play structures are currently only available in the USA and Canada through

Can you get spare parts?
Yes, we offer all the parts.

How big are the components?
The basic building component is the 35cm (about 14") tube. You can keep adding and adding these tubes to make the play area as large as you want. To get an idea of the size of any system, count the number of tubes (length/width/height) and multiply by 16" (the connectors between the tubes add 2"). So, if a system is 6 tube sections long, wide or high, that would be 6x16"= 96" = 8'

Is the system expandable?
Yes it is possible to change or expand any play structure. The designs we have provided meet ASTM safety standards, so if you change our design, you may also compromise the safety standard. We can modify or customize any of our designs, but we charge fees to modify the structure and create new assembly plans.

Why do you have only primary colors?
Our product is for “children” and children like primary colors. Adults must look at our structures through the eyes of children.

You can clean the structures with any standard household cleaner. Avoid any abrasive materials as they will scratch and dull the plastic.

Always check the parts for cracks which may occur is a component is over stressed. Replace cracked part immediately