Quadro large scale giant construction building kit toy for kids children. Climbers, lofts, forts, slides
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Large scale construction system that's a new toy every day

9 of 10 kids prefer Quadro Construction Systems!

Quadro™ is the most unique and versatile large scale play construction system.

Why kids prefer Quadro™
i for any age group - Quadro™ creations are always “new”things to play with
i kids never get bored with Quadro™ - can be made into a new structure every day;
i imagination can make Quadro into a fort, castle, ship, obstacle course, maze, store etc
i Quadro™ becomes a part of the family
i it’s just plain fun every day of the year

Why parents prefer Quadro™
i it is a lifetime product starting with infants up through pre-teen;
i many families who grew up with Quadro™ have passed it on to the next generation ;
i can be designed and constructed to meet many different play activities;
i easy to add more kits or components to “grow” your Quadro™ over time;
i simple to decorate for parties or special themes;
i extremely durable, rugged and strong - lasts for years and years;
i excellent way for kids to develop fine and gross motor skills;
i great for kids with special needs;
i extremely safe, non-toxic, no splinters, no sharp edges etc;
i impact absorbing modular tubes, panels and connectors;
i high quality UV stabilized thermoplastic makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor play;
i great for apartments, basements, playrooms, kids bedrooms, backyards, pools;
i excellent way for parents to get more involved with their children;

Best Testimonial
“If I could buy my children just one toy during their lifetime - it would be Quadro™”

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