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Quadro large scale giant construction building kit toy for kids children. Climbers, lofts, forts, slide


The ultimate giant toy construction play system for kids.

3-D Program
Create Your Own Designs


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Build climbers, jungle gyms, play lofts, vehicles. Kids never get bored. Always a new design to build.
Quadro lasts a lifetime!

Our Best Customer Testimonial
“If I could buy my children just one toy during their lifetime - it would be Quadro™”

Quadro™ construction kits are part of a unique, family-oriented, modular construction system that encourages imaginative design, critical thinking, development of fine and gross motor skills and actual physical play on the rugged structures. Depending on the age of the child, the Quadro™ construction kits offers many opportunities for play, for learning and for creative challenges. Young children enjoy crawling, climbing and sliding on structures their parents build for them.  As they get older, they can make suggestions regarding new designs and can contribute to the assembly under adult supervision.  

Kids never get bored playing with their Quadro™ kits - there are literally no limits to the creative imagination both in the design and the play value of the structure. Imagination can turn even the simplest design into a fort, a ship, a castle or a spaceship.

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Quadro™ construction kits reduce the amount of time kids spend watching TV or playing games on their digital devices. Instead, the children will need to think, to analyze, to plan, to design and ultimately to assemble and test their structure. The ultimate objective is not just to look at the “creation” on a tabletop, but to actually play on the structure and enjoy some physical fun.

The simplicity, yet sophistication of the Quadro™ construction play system makes it especially valuable for kids with special needs.

Quadro™ construction kits are made from very durable plastic components and can be used indoors or outdoors, summer or winter. In fact, the structures can even be used in water.

All Quadro™ kits are shipped with design suggestions and assembly plans – just to get you started.  There is also a large on-line data base from which to choose additional designs including the parts required. For the ultimate Quadro™ user, there is also a very sophisticated 3D program to design virtually anything. To ensure safety, each kit includes a safety manual that outlines the how to undertake basic assembly as well as safety warnings.

Tens of thousands of Quadro™  kits have been sold worldwide since 1979.  In many families, the components are being used by the third generation! Every kit and component sold today will match the kits that were sold nearly 40 years ago.

Each kit has a different number of parts. The more parts you have, the more you can build.


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You Tube Disclaimer
  • These You Tube videos are for promotional purposes only.
  • The older videos (#1, #2) with the red tubes were made in the 1980's.
  • One of the kids in the video is now running the company.
  • Video #3 was made in 2011.
  • Playground safety regulations in the USA are not the same as TUV (European and international standards)
  • Although deemed safe everywhere else in the world, we cannot legally recommend some of these designs.
  • The commercial and residential designs on our website meet US ASTM safety standards.
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