Quadro large scale giant construction building kit toy for kids children. Climbers, lofts, forts, slides
Large scale construction system that's a new toy every day

What is Quadro?
Quadro is a very UNIQUE "large-scale" modular construction system to create and build an unlimited number of play structures. It is the ONLY system which can be built so that kids can safely use as a jungle gym, play loft, climber, vehicle, desk, fort, maze, obstacle course... etc.

Think of it as Tinker Toys on steroids.

* Quadro designs are only limited by the imagination!
* Kids stay busy and never get bored with Quadro.
* Great for all homes, schools, apartments, playrooms, kids bedrooms, decks, backyards
* Can also be used in DayCare, Kids Gyms, Pediatric Facilities, Health Clubs, etc. etc.

Why is Quadro a great investment for your family?
Quadro is designed to last a lifetime when used as directed. Since it's introduction in 1978, there have been many thousands of families who have played for years with Quadro and then passed on to the next generation.For all children, Quadro is a great way to help kids develop gross and fine motor skills as well as social play interaction.

How does Quadro work?
Quadro kit components comprise impact absorbing, UV-stabilized plastic (thermoplastic) tubes, connectors and panels which are quickly and easily assembled in hundreds of possible ways and then safely secured with special locking screws. The more pieces you have, the larger the designs that can be created. Additional accessories include slides, wheels, fabric roofs, netting.Each kit comes with a model handbook with suggestions on how to create a wide range of designs (See Below: Manual - Design Options + CAD 3-D design program).

How does Quadro compare with Omagles or Pipeworks?

1. Omagles is a great product but is not designed to safely carry any weight - so you cannot build structures to play on it.
- Out of business
2. Pipeworks is only available from people who have old sets purchased in the 1980's - Out of business.

What size of Quadro kit should I purchase?
To avoid controversy, it has been our company policy to limit recommendations to customers regarding which construction kit to purchase. There are many variables including your budget, the size of space, the number and ages of children, your expansion plans, etc etc.

Customers can see from the websites (www.phunzone.com and www.quadrousa.com) the kinds of models or designs that can be constructed with each kit. Some customers may start with a Beginner or My First Quadro just to test the product, while others order multiple kits, plus extra parts because they already know Quadro and want to expand.

Quadro is for what age group?
Quadro is a play system designed to "grow" with all children starting with infants. As the children get older, the way Quadro is used is simply adapted to meet the new demands for age-appropriate activity, learning or play activities.

Is Quadro safe?
Quadro has been sold around the world for over 40 years without any mishap attributable to the product. Quadro is extremely strong and rugged, has no sharp corners, contains no toxic materials, has no protruding screws or bolts. Construction guidelines must be followed correctly and smaller children at play should be supervised at all times. Quadro should only be used for purposes it was intended. We recommend ADULT SUPERVISION at all times, includng assemble and play

Small Parts Choking Hazard?
Quadro is assembled using small plastic fasteners (screws). These are idendified and considered as a possible choking hazard for small children, especially those under 3 years of age. This is the reason we recommend ADULT SUPERVISION at all times, includng assemble and play.

Indoors or Outdoors?
Quadro can be safely used either indoors/outdoors & summer/winter. Due to the long term effects of UV rays, we do not recommend extended exposure to sunlight - shaded areas are best. (See Color Fading below)

Summer Temperatures not over 104 degrees F (40C)
Winter Temperatures not below 14 degrees F (-10C)

Special Needs Kids?
Quadro can be safely and easily be adapted to use by kids with special needs. You can custom designs walkers, walking aids, rolling aids, and other play structures to meet the height and size requirements. Sight-impaired kids also find Quadro a good way to have fun and be creative.

Who can build Quadro?
Generally kids ages 3 and up can be involved in the construction process. Kids under 3 should only play on age-appropriate designs to meet their mobility skill level. The older the child and the more creative and "handy" they become, the more complex structures they can build themselves. We recommend proper adult supervision as appropriate to the age or skill level of the child. Watch that the younger kids do not swallow small parts like screws. We recommend ADULT SUPERVISION at all times, includng assemble and play.

How long does it take to build Quadro?
There are hundreds and hundreds of different models that one can build based on the model recommendations. The amount to time to build a specific model depends on the number of people involved, the level of "handyman" experience to assemble objects, the size and complexity of the design, the level of hand/eye coordination, the ability to visualize the model image and correctly replicate it during construction, the thorough understanding of the construction and safety guidelines in the Safety Manual. The amount of time to assemble a models can vary widely depending on these types of conditions or abilities.

How strong is Quadro?

Quadro is primarily designed for safe use by children and adults. The basic tube construction is very very strong, however, the recommended "play" weight on the panels should not exceed 110 lbs.

How do your buy Quadro?
Quadro is currently available in the USA and Canada through the North American distributor PhunZone.com and QuadrUSA.com. You can purchase predesigned Commercial Playcenters, Residential Playcenters and DIY Construction Kits

Is Quadro Expandable?
Yes. You can always add complete kits, accessories or individual components to meet the specific needs. There is no limit as to how much you can expand Quadro or take it apart and build something completely new.

Manual - Design Options?
Each Kit comes with an assembly guide for that kit + a CD with the 3-D program and other model ideas + a safety manual
. As this is also an educational toy, the purpose of the guide is primarily to give customers ideas to build their own structures. The main construction limitations are related to "HEIGHT" .... you must not build tall, wobbly structures. If you build structures similar to what we have on our website or in the manual - or in the Quadro Model Database - you should be OK. . For more playground safety related information go to www.cpsc.com (Consume Product Safety Commission) and request the Public Playground safety Handbook.

You can also create your own designs on your computer using the 3-D program (see below)

This is the link to the Quadro Model Database

Why Quadro Uses Primary Colors?
Quadro is for "children" and children like primary colors. Adults must look at Quadro through the eyes of children.

Is there Color Fading?
Quadro components are made from thermoplastic which contain UV inhibitors however, exposure of the tubes and panels to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time will eventually begin the fading process. The fabric accessories are not UV treated and will fade more quickly in sunlight. If the Quadro is used indoors, direct sunlight through windows could have the same effect as being outside. Even if there is eventually some fading, it will not affect the quality or durability of the components.

What are mini-kits?
Mini kits are a 1/5 scale replica of the larger pieces. The construction kits do not include mini-kits.

What is the 3-D program?
Quadro offers for free a sophisticated CAD (Computer Aided Design) program (for PC only - not Mac) to use in creating Quadro designs. The program allows the creation of any design using various tube lengths, connector configurations, etc. It allows full 3-axis rotation, in/out zoom, color changes, exploded view, splitting levels, safety checks and many more benefits.
It does take a little patience to master all the many different capabilities of the program.The 3-D program is also an excellent teaching tool for basic engineering design, visual conceptualization, team projects etc. Kids just have fun designing stuff.