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I bought my Quadro playground set in 1980 when we opened the preschool  We used it indoors for several years, then moved in outside when we got a nice courtyard space.  It is so durable.  It has stayed outside for the last 20 years through rain, shine, heat, and freezing and snowy weather.  A few of the tubes have cracked, but that is to be expected in all those years.  About 10 years after I bought the initial set a family donated the train engine, and we have had it out there for 20 years also.  The kids love to get rides on it, push it, and even wash it.

Thanks for a magnificent, durable, versatile, and engaging product.  It is one of the best investments I made in equipment throughout my career at SJB. I have just included 2 of the many photos I have of kids having fun on your product.
Kathy Nichols
St. John Brebeuf PreSchool
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We purchased the “Leopard” slide/play structure for the upstairs of our community arena.  It was difficult to find a play structure to fit in our relatively small space but the Phunzone structure is perfect to accommodate the space and up to 10 children (and reasonably priced)! We had local college hockey players volunteering to assemble the slide and the kids watching couldn’t wait to play.  Once they completed the assembly the kids were in heaven playing on the slide.  One young kid just kept saying thank-you.  It was very rewarding to fundraise for such a good project (encouraging kids to keep active) and the Phunzone play structure is perfect.  We have received other community donations after they have seen the slide/play structure that we are now purchasing the “Tripod with 3 Play Panels”.  Our parent group strongly recommends Phunzone.
Village of Canton
Canton NY

The Mountlake Terrace Co-op Pre-school loves their Quadro playcenter. It is all that was advertised on your website and more! It is strong, sturdy, portable and safe for the kids. The 2 year olds all the way to the 5 year olds can play on it all at once and stay busy. The children have turned it into a “Fort”, a “Pirate Ship” and a “Skyscraper”. It has given them hours of enjoyment. The teacher, Anna Drake, juts loves it and considers it one of the best investments the pre-school has made and it is built to last.
David Hogle
Purchasing Parent
Lynwood WA

We purchased the large modelfor our church's pre-school. With our limited space, it fits perfectly into one corner. It's hard to believe that there is so much playing room in such a compact structure. It's very easy for the kids to navigate their way anywhere on the playcenter - they have the option of the 2 slides, the ballpit, plenty of platform playspace and then of course all the crawl spaces underneath. The playcenter is a great way to instill fair play and community spirit. Even the older kids want to play here, but we limit access to just the 2-5 year olds.

It's build like a "tank" - we regularly have adults stand inside the playcenter to supervise the kids. The plexiglass panels are great because we can see in and the children can see out. We also have a matching storage cubby in the corner and a bench for the staff. I'm so glad that we purchased your system. I would strongly recommend Quadro not only to all church youth programs but also to any other facility that caters to young children.
David Zuccala
Children's Pastor
Sharpsburg GA

We inherited our Quadro system from a family which had used the parts to build a bed and desk system for their son. As we grew up, my brothers and I used all the donated parts to created many different play structures including climbers, forts and play furniture.

Today I teach pre-schoolers and with the Quadro components I recently designed and built a 7' high house frame with a roof tall enough for me to stand inside. My kids and I have decorated the structure according to the latest project - it’s been a grocery store, a space station, a theater and a Hallowe’en haunted house.

I’m already planning to re-design into a playscape structure in the near future.

The Quadro set we have is over 16 years old and still going strong. Thank you Quadro
Kori Bardige
Pre-School Teacher
Waltham MA

Your medium and large Quadro playcenters have been a great hit in the waiting room of our 4 pediatric dental facilities across town. We replaced all your competitors units with Quadro. NO COMPARISON!! We have parents all day long bringing in their children for dental care and the playcenters are an excellent way for the children to keep occupied while they wait for their appointment. The parents like the fact they can see their kids and have no worries about them getting hurt because the system is so safe. Can’t believe how rugged the playcenter is - we expect we will have it for many years. The Quadro playcenter is prominently featured in our TV advertising.
Steve Savage
Kool Smiles
Decatur GA

I teach 2-5 year olds with disabilities.
The original Junior Quadro set I ordered shipped directly from Germany over 9 years ago. I now have the Junior, Universal, Slide and Textile sets for my preschool class. It's difficult where to begin listing the benefits of Quadro - from the fine and gross motors skills training to the infinite variety of structures which can be created. We build something new every 2-4 weeks to follow the themes we teach-a school bus, apple barn, castle, zoo, sleigh, circus ring, etc. The children love it!
After so many years of positive experiences, it's hard to consider my classroom without Quadro.
I'm glad to hear it's easily available here in the USA.

Barbara Tames
School Teacher
Buchanan VA

We use Quadro for our adult leadership/team-building training seminars.
One activity uses both the full size Quadro and the small model. We break the group into several teams and tell them they have to build an exact replica (color counts!) of their "scale model." We keep the Quadro mini-models in a box in another room and team members can only look at the model for 1 minute at a time. They rush back to the building area trying to remember what color goes where. Each team also has a parts person and they are responsible for running to the "parts store" and requisitioning the right parts (and you can only get one type of part per trip, e.g. pipes, joints, plates, etc.). Anyway, there is a deadline and it gets pretty wild. It also becomes competitive as there are only the precise number of parts required to make all the models and so if one team gets a long red pipe instead of a short one, well things go south quickly!
What the teams don't know is that all of the models (and thus the full scale creations) fit together to make one big thing; a car, or a house -- whatever we've made. So at the end there is a mad scramble to try and assemble the final product. There are lots of great learning to be had from this activity and it's also a lot of fun. There's nothing like seeing adults running up and down a hallway with multi-colored pipes!
In the other activity, we have teams create vehicles that they race against each other. I've done them with a NASCAR theme, with a "Back to the Future" theme for scientists and a "UPS" Theme for Logistics groups. The basic activity is that your team has to build a vehicle that meets specific design requirements. Other than those requirements, groups can be as creative as they want and we've seen some pretty wild contraptions! The grand finale is the "race" and we actually set up a course and have the vehicles race each other.

Tom Gleason
Gerrardstown WV

We are very pleased with the Quadro playcenter system we recently purchased from you . The children enjoy a variety of creative play activities on, under and around the center. We are especially pleased with the ease of access, the bright colors and even more importantly the safety features which reduces the danger of accidental mishaps. The center is perfectly stable, yet the portability feature allows us to move it when we require additional space. Just what we needed for our indoor play area.
Thank you for your help and cooperation
Ellen Berju
Child Care Director
Temple Beth Shalom
Cherry Hill, NJ

I'm in the entertainment business, and often need to build sets and props that are lightweight, strong, adaptable and reusable. I love how Quadro does all that. I've made one cart that is so tough, that I can take the abuse of the airplane baggage handlers when I fly it. There are so many possibilities with the cleverly designed pieces that you can build almost anything you can think of. A few times, the pieces weren't quite the right length, but if you have a saw and a drill , you can even cut them to fulfill exacting specifications. The stuff lasts and lasts, too. It's a pleasure to work with something who's materials and design are so well engineered. Have had Quadro for about 15 years.
Alex Feldman
aka “The Jester”
Somerville, MA