St. John Brebeuf Pre-School Testimonial

I bought my Quadro playground set in 1980 when we opened the preschool  We used it indoors for several years, then moved in outside when we got a nice courtyard space.  It is so durable.  It has stayed outside for the last 20 years through rain, shine, heat, and freezing and snowy weather.  A few of the tubes have cracked, but that is to be expected in all those years.  About 10 years after I bought the initial set a family donated the train engine, and we have had it out there for 20 years also.  The kids love to get rides on it, push it, and even wash it.

Thanks for a magnificent, durable, versatile, and engaging product.  It is one of the best investments I made in equipment throughout my career at SJB. I have just included 2 of the many photos I have of kids having fun on your product.
Kathy Nichols
St. John Brebeuf PreSchool


29 years and still going strong!