Phunzone's primary consideration is children’s enjoyment and safety. To accomplish this, Phunzone's designs meet or exceed USA and international safety standards.
Rule #1 Ensure all playcenters are assembled and tested according to Phunzone's instructions.
Rule #2

Follow the safety guidelines recommended by the following:

a. Consumer Product Safety Commission
a. Handbook for Public Playground Safety
....Public Playground Safety Checklist
....Soft-Contained Equipment Safety Checklist
b. ASTM F-1487
....Safety Specifications For Playground Equipment for Public Use.
c. ASTM F-1918
b. Safety Specifications For Soft Contained Play Equipment.
d. ASTM F-2373
b. Safety Specifications For Public Use Play Equipment For Children 6 Months Through 23 Months.
e. ASTM 1148
b. Safety Specifications For Home Playground Equipment.
f. ASTM 1292-04
d. Specifications for Impact Attenuation of Surfacing Materials for Playground Equipment.

Rule #3 Always have adult supervision when children are playing on PhunZone play structures
Rule #4 Do not leave play structures in an area where vandalism can result in broken or missing parts. This will not only be hazardous to kids, but will automatically void any product warranty.
Rule #5 Ensure proper/adequate "fall height" safety surfacing.


Safety Rules