What are Phunzone Play Structures?
Phunzone offers a very UNIQUE “large-scale” modular construction system to create a wide range of compact, tough, durable, colorful, safe and fun play structures.

Phunzone playcenters offer the ultimate opportunity for safe, developmentally appropriate play in a colorful and fun environment, at very affordable prices.

Phunzone playcenters are designed to help children become more secure, confident and socially responsible and will help them develop balance, strength and a range of motor skills. Children’s activities on Phunzone™ playcenters are only limited by their imagination.

What are the structures made of?
The components are made of quality engineered, impact absorbing, UV-stabilized thermoplastic tubes, connectors and panels. The rigid components “lock” together to make a variety of structures to support the weight of pre-school age children playing (and adults to clean and maintain). The benefit of plastic components is that they have a high strength, without the weight of metal. In addition the plastic does not rust or corrode like metal or splinter like wood.

If, by chance a component is damaged, it can be simply and very inexpensively replaced. There is no “critical” failure that requires the whole system to be discarded.

What is the difference between residential and commercial play structures?
Construction Kits, Residential structures and Commercial structures all use the same high quality components. The difference is that commercial structures adhere to more stringent safety construction standards required by ASTM. The commercial structures require higher barriers around the platforms as well as well as more full steps to access platforms.

We will not knowingly sell “residential” structures to “commercial” clients, but home customers are welcome to purchase commercial structures

Why kids prefer our product?

  • Imagination instantly turns assemblies into a fort, store, castle, ship, clubhouse .... no limit
  • Easy to get around all parts of the structures
  • Many playzone options - different play levels, drop holes, mirrors, interactive wheels
  • Not intimidating like the large commercial play systems
  • Fun and challenging .... kids want to come back again and again
  • Kids with special needs, sight impaired, therapy etc
  • Kids stay busy and never get bored

Phunzone play structures are for what types of facilities?

  • Day Care Centers/Early Childhood Development
  • Pre-schools
  • School multi-purpose rooms
  • Youth Organizations (YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs etc)
  • Kids Gyms
  • Churches
  • Kids Hair Salon
  • Retailers
  • Car Dealerships
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Fitness Centers/Health Clubs
  • Swim Schools/Aquatics Facilities
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Condominium Complexes
  • Medical (Pediatric) Facilities and offices
  • Community Centers
  • Special Needs Facilities
  • Shopping Malls
  • Summer Camps
  • Team Building Courses
  • Private Residences

Why are Phunzone play structures a great investment for your facility?

  • Best value for your money
  • Highest ratio of kids per square foot of floor space
  • Over 20 year proven safety record
  • Impact absorbing panels & connections to reduce injuries
  • Safe, stable, non-toxic, no sharp edges, no splitting
  • High quality thermoplastics designed for years of use
  • Easy viewing and access by supervisors from all directions
  • Excellent for a wide range of muscle development activities
  • Enhances social interaction and behavioral skills
  • Adaptable for special needs therapy and activities
  • Ideal for facilities with limited space and low ceilings
  • Varied and challenging activities for pre-school ages
  • Matching accessories - tables, cubbies, dividers, dramatic play etc
  • DIY Assembly - save professional installation costs
  • Portable - allows for extra activity space and cleaning
  • Fun and easy to decorate for themes, parties, events

Our product is designed to last many, many years. There are systems which have been in steady use for over 15 years.

Phunzone playcenters are for what age groups?
Our “age-appropriate play structures are designed to meet the specific mobility development and gross motor skills of younger children:

Tots and Toddlers (6-23 months)
Pre-School (2-5 years)

Phunzone designs are NOT for use by the older, school-age kids 6-12 years

Is the product safe?
Phunzone designs are one of the safest systems for the applicable age groups.

Play and construction systems have been sold around the world for nearly 30 years without any mishap attributable to the product. The components are extremely strong and rugged, have no sharp corners, have no protruding screws or bolts. Construction guidelines must be followed correctly and smaller children at play should be supervised at all times. Phunzone products should only be used for purposes they were designed and intended.

All Phunzone structures meet most ASTM 1487 and/or ASTM 1918 standards for public playground equipment. The few minor differences are due to the unique modular construction system and do not affect the intended safety requirements.

Our products contain no toxic materials, no PVC or phthalates.

Indoors or Outdoors?
Phunzone play structures can be safely used either indoors/outdoors & summer/winter. Due to the long term effects of UV rays, we do not recommend extended exposure to sunlight - shaded areas are best. (See Color Fading below)

Special Needs Kids?
Phunzone systems can be safely and easily be adapted to use by kids with special needs. You can custom designs walkers, walking aids, rolling aids, and other play structures to meet the height and size requirements. Sight-impaired kids also find Phunzone play structures a good way to have fun and be creative.

Unlike other large, outdoor, public systems, Phunzone play structures have a very low center of gravity. The highest level with an exit point is only 4 feet high. That ensures the playcenters do not move, tip or in any way endanger the children while in use. Therefore, there is no need for anchoring. However, Phunzone™ play structures offer the added benefit of portability. For outside use, we recommend installation in areas where there is no threat of theft or vandalism. We do offer optional outdoor anchoring systems

How strong are Phunzone play structures?
Phunzone play structures are primarily designed for safe use by children to about 110 lbs for “active play”. However, for cleaning, maintenance, etc, the structures can easily accommodate adults of 200+ lbs.

What about assembly?
Phunzone structures are designed for D.I.Y assembly. Each model comes with detailed level-by-level instructions both as a Power Point presentation and as a hard copy. We recommend that assembly be undertaken by a person who has some assembly experience or ability. It’s not rocket science, but it’s also not just pushing a button to inflate.

The average assembly time will vary from model to model and will depend on the number and quality of helpers. The assembly time id calculated in hours - not minutes.

We also offer the services of a National Assembly company - we can put you in touch and you can contract with them directly.

What tools are required?
Each assembler should have a large, wide-blade flat screwdriver (Best is a shaft length of at least 5 inches and a 3/4" wide blade tip).

Phunzone play structures can easily be cleaned with standard household detergents. When outdoors, simply hose off with clean water. Do not use abrasive materials as they could dull the finish

What kinds of Phunzone play structures are available?

1. Pre-Designed commercial play structures are available in several design categories:

  • Tot centers
  • Toddler playcenters
  • Small playcenters
  • Medium playcenters
  • Large playcenters
  • Mega playcenters

2. Special Designs are available in several different categories

  • Ballpits
  • Cubbies/Room Dividers
  • Seating (tables, chairs, benches)
  • Vehicles
  • Mazes
  • Aquatics
  • Special Needs
  • Pets

3. Custom Playcenters can also be designed for a customer’s specific needs

4. Residential Playcenters - designs specifically for kids bedrooms, playrooms, bonus rooms, garages and backyards.

5. Construction Kits - Smaller pre-packed kits with which children and parents can construct all kinds of smaller play units. As all components are modular, it is easy to purchase additional kits or parts to make larger designs

How big are the components?
The basic building component is the 35cm (about 14") tube. You can keep adding and adding these tubes to make the play area as large as you want. To get an idea of the size of any system, count the number of tubes (length/width/height) and multiply by 16" (the connectors between the tubes add 2"). So, if a system is 6 tubes long, that would be 6x16"=96"= 8'

Is the system expandable?
Technically - yes. As it is a modular system, you can always add on to meet you specific needs. However, there are 2 key points to remember:

a. Our play structures are designed to meet ASTM safety standards. If you change the design yourself you may not be in compliance with the standards and we waive any liability responsibility.

b. We can modify or adapt designs for you but there are up-front customization costs for the design work as well as a new set of assembly instructions. We may not be able to incorporate the changes you want. Please see the FAQ on Custom Designs

Why only primary colors?
Our products are for “children” and children like primary colors. Adults must look at all our structures through the eyes of children.

Is there color fading?
The components are made from thermoplastic which contain UV inhibitors however, exposure of the tubes and panels to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time will eventually begin the fading process. The fabric accessories are not UV treated and will fade more quickly in sunlight. If the product is used indoors, direct sunlight through windows could have the same effect as being outside. Even if there is eventually some fading, it will not affect the quality or durability of the components.

How long do the components last?
After almost 40 years in production, there are original structures still in use today. With proper care and maintenance, there is no real time limit as to how long the components will continue to function. There is an indefinite “shelf-life”.

What is your warranty?
We have a 3 year warranty on the components. See warranty page

Do your ballpits come with balls?
The ballpits are an "option" where you can put in balls if you wish. A number of our customers want the separate ballpit area but without the balls, so they use it for other toys or activities.

We do not include balls with the orders, however, but you can requets our list of USA ball suppliers from whom you can purchase.

What is the 3-D program?
There is a free custom CAD (Computer Aided Design) program (for PC only - not Mac) to use in creating designs. The program allows the creation of any design using various tube lengths, connector configurations, etc. It allows full 3-axis rotation, in/out zoom, color changes, exploded view, splitting levels, safety checks and many more benefits.

It does take a little patience to master all the many different capabilities of the program

The 3-D program is also an excellent teaching tool for basic engineering design, visual conceptualization, team projects etc. Kids just have fun designing stuff.

Please note:
- we do not provide customer service assistance with the 3-D program
- we will not check your designs to see if they will work
- we will not check your designs to see if they comply with US playground safety standards

Do you design custom structures?
Yes we can - with limitations. Please see the FAQ on Custom Designs

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